Yami Encrusted
Yami Encrusted

Yami Encrusted


Akuma Shiko (First)
Son of Akuma (Second)

S-Class Mages

Lue Shockwuva
Son of Akuma


Dark Guild


Earth Land (Active)

Yami Encrusted is a dark guild who aim to be the strongest in existence, they use artifacts created by the dark wizard known as Zeref.

Some of these artifacts include "The Black Lacrima"


Yami Encrusted's goal is to become the strongest dark guild. They have gained many artifacts created by Zeref, but what they plan on using them for is unknown.

Location and Buildings

Yami Encrusted's base was a small town far from Magnolia but connected by a train station so it is lead to believe they took this town over long ago. The fight between Team Aisu and Yami Encrusted left the town in destruction.

They seem to have many more bases around, for example the place where they made the Fouth Generation Dragon Slayers or the place that Hikari Kora was kidnapped and tested on at.


Although their true strength has never been seen as they have been stopped many times by extremely strong wizards, some of which include; Aisu Samui, Yoru Suta and Hikari Kora

Although they do have a Devil/Demon slayer and a giant slayer.


Name Rank Team Status
Kyojin FirareSecond Guild Master Former S-Class MageTeam FlameActive
Mujona ShikoS-Class MageTeam FlameActive
Allen SeroMageTeam FlameActive
Akuma ShikoFirst Guild MasterElite TeamDeceased
Lue ShockwuvaS-Class MageElite TeamDeceased
RaitonMageElite TeamDeceased
Kaiu NighthawkMageShadow TrioDeceased
ShadowflameMageShadow TrioLeft to join Fairy Tail
Ren DarkflameMageShadow TrioLeft to join Fairy Tail
Aisu SamuiMageNoneLeft and join Dragon Whisper
Random Members (Over 20 of them)Mage'sNoneActive


  • Every member of Yami Encrusted has battled against Aisu Samui.
  • Aisu Samui became part of Yami Encrusted at one point.
  • Aisu Samui has killed most of the main members of Yami Encrusted due to pure rage
  • Hikari Kora has single handily defeated all of Yami Encrusted at one point, but they re created themselves.