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Hane-Sakana (羽魚 Hane Sakana), also called Winged Fish, are creatures that live in Earth Land.

Appearance and Description

Request for a fish

Job Request

As its name suggests, Hane-Sakana appears like a giant and colorful blue fish with a pair of yellow wings on its head. They usually fly around and constantly say "I can fly!", "You can fly!" or "Can you fly?".[1]

Hane-Sakana are inedible; their taste is considered to be so disgusting that a job request was created (worth 30,000 Jewel) for a daredevil who would be willing to eat a Hane-Sakana. Even Happy, who loves fish in any possible form, will not eat them.[1]

Magic and Abilities

Basic Knowledge of Human Speech: They are smarter than most animals since they are capable of forming simple sentences.

Flight: With their wings, they have the ability to fly.


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