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    Need some help ?

    November 13, 2017 by Justtochi

    Hello guys ! I've got some news for you !

    So, as I noticed, many people here tend to have problems creating OCs, places, guilds and so on. The main problem seem to be the coding part... So I had an idea. Instead of just doing it myself when someone asks, what if I just gave advice to anyone I can ? Thus was born this project.

    Here, you can ask me advice for coding, creation, or just anytthing that bothers you. I don't promise I can answer each of your needs ! I only start too, after all. In such a case, I am deeply sorry and I encourage each of you to read online guides. Who knows ? You could even teach me things I didn't know !

    So, what do you think of it ? Ready to cooperate ?

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