"Hey hey now you cant just give up like that! you have to keep goig! oh, and dont forget to keep smiling! thats what my mother taught me."

— to sting eucliffe



Sorano is usually shy and quite sweet when young. as she gets older she becomes a bit more aggressive and looses alot of her trust in people. She uses some forms of black magic like her father but weaker (Only located in her left eye) and does happen to have a light side but does not know how to use it. she is quite aggressive at times yet usually quite a quiet girl who prefers to stay well away from everyone as she thinks being around others is too risky and finds many people quite annoying. She does however come across Sabertooth sometime in her life after meeting Sting Eucliffe who she later has a soft spot for which grows. this causes her to change her attitude slightly and after seing her mothers guild, she gradually changes to realize that most people really aren't so bad and starts to become quite kind and shows her softer side up. She soon has deep feelings for him and also forms a close relationship with Yukino as the two of them feel like family to eachother despite being miles apart.

Sorano Prop png
Sorano Rose Black

(ソラノ Sorano)






Demon Spirit


Female Female




26th Jan

Hair Color

Human self: (Long) Jet Black and blonde

Demon: Bright pale blue

Eye Color

Right: blood red

Left: Cerise, dark mauve and gold

Professional Status


Previous Affiliation


Guild Mark Location

Left waist


Black Mage

Previous Team

Team Underworld


currently works alone

Previous Partner(s)

Cross Sigma Odin Hope

Base of Operations

Tenrohou Ark Sabertooth

Personal Status



Zeref Black (father)

Mavis Vermillion (mother)

Black dragon (still unknown)


Sky Maze Vermillion


Black magic (like zerefs but weaker) also Black dragon slayer. holds a small form of white magic also but does not know how to use it)


As a child (as seen in the first picture) she was usually seen in a light grey shirt lined in gold with white. (not much different from her outfit at an older age.) she wears a pink headband and has medium length hair at this age. she also has a deep shaded dyed magenta streak on the right side of her hair (which she later moves to the right side and lets it grow out revealing its natural blonde color.

Sora2sides by emmalineeucliffe-d8084o9

Sorano has long and wavy jet black hair with a blonde streak in the right side of her hair. She wears a lightish violet eye patch which covers up her demonic eye which has a thin yet long lightning scar emerging from it. Her left eye is a dark mauve with a cerise star and a golden line in the middle of it. This eye is where her black magic is held and used from only.

She is usually seen wearing a gray top lined in gold with a brown cuff on her left arm. she also wears a choker necklace most of the time which looks very similar to rogues collar in gray and a yellowy gold middle. On occasions she likes to wear a light blue color with mixes of purple in. she mostly wears a grey and gold crop top with a brown skirt and tw o thick brown cuffs on her arms and is rarely seen wearing her hair up in any shape or form. she also wears a pair of knee high black or deep brown boots with this, As a teen, she had a full fringe and had moved her pink streak over to the other side of her hair and wore black lipstick and eye liner like her twin sister Angel Black.

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