Robin Soloviev

Female female




176 cm / 5'9


49 kg / 108 lbs

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation

Grimoire Heart

Guild Mark Location

left shoulder


Frey Riordan

Robin is Frey's girlfriend, and was with him since childhood. She was the one who convinced Frey to join the Sewer Rats, and is thus blaming herself for causing herself and Freyto end up in the Grimoire Heart. Frey and Robin found employment in intelligence gathering while receiving additional magical training at the same time. After some time however, Grimoire Heart's actions caused them to doubt their employers. While Frey still felt a sense of debt towards the Grimoire Heart, Robin convinced him to abandon the guild. They spent next few months as independent mages, before ultimately joining Fairy Tail.


Robin has red hair with green eyes and slim build. She typically wears a shirt, trousers and sleeveless gloves.


Robin is a stoic, serious and analytical person, but she also has a more playful side - typically reserved for Frey as she is very slow to trust people other than Frey himself. Unlike Frey, Robin prefers to shoot first and ask questions later - or skip the questions alltogether, if possible. Robin also hates wearing skirts, preferring pants.


Archive Magic

  • Telepathy: enable telepathic communication with another person, or between several people
  • Transfer: transfer information directly into the person's mind
  • Shield: create a shield from forcefields
  • Repulsion: create screens which blast back the opponent
  • Archive: a massive database of knowledge, accessible via projected computer screens
  • Zero Day: enter somebody else's Archive without person's knowledge or consent; also allows undetected download of files*
  • Real Time Link: a Super Archive spell, use database of all mages to search for a particular person*

Fire Magic:

  • Heat Haze: shoot a stream of fire from the palm
  • Fire Fist: shoot a column of fire at the opponent
  • Fire Gun: mimic shape of guns and shoot fire bullets at the opponent
  • Fire Pillar: create a pillar of fire to damage the target
  • Sacred Flame: hurl long laces made of fire
  • Flame Empress: throw a gigantic ball of fire at the opponent
  • Flame Net: create a circle of fire around an area
  • Mirror Fire: create a wall of fire to block an attack


  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Thought Projection
  • Requip: requip clothing items depending on current conditions or to replace damaged clothes
  • Chains: project/shoot long chains of light with grappling hooks from hands; hooks can non-lethally pierce the opponent and then throw them around or pull them
  • Bullet Magic: fire magical bullets after mimicking shape of guns with hands


"Frey... we have a problem."

"And what do you propose we do about this sheep in man's clothing?"

"Do we really have to take a panicking idiot with us?"


Robin is based off the character from Fisheye Placebo.

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