Nicole small
Nicole Stone

Nic (by Gray Fullbuster)




Female Female



Hair Color

Brown / Purple

Eye Color

Green / Brown

Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location

Left Wrist





Personal Status



Brother, Mother, Father (all deceased)


Celestial Spirit Magic, Ice Magic


Nicole has green and brown eyes and long brown hair with purple ends. Her bangs cover her one brown eye. She has large breats and a curvaceous figure. Her green Fairy Tail mark is on her left wrist.

She wears a brown hoodie with ripped sleeves and a teal top underneath. She has a light green skirt with a black belt holding her Celestial Spirit keys. On her wrists, there are black and green wristbands, and on her feet are tall black leather boots.

Over the timeskip, her attire does not change.


When you first meet her, Nicole is very shy and awkward, but will open up when she gets comfortable with someone. When she does get comfortable, she gets pretty annoying, talking nonstop and following people around. Despite that, she is really caring and soft when it comes to her friends. She will not back down from a fight when it's for her comrades. 

Nicole is also very boy crazy! Multiple times when she has run into an enemy or ally, she falls in love with him! Even as a child, she had that boy loving trait, as the first person she fell head over heels for was Gray Fullbuster, despite being childhood friends. She has also come to like her spirit, Loke. Loke also likes Nicole, but Nicole believes she and him shouldn't be in a relationship due to him being a Celestial Spirit. 


Nicole's childhood life was rough. Her parents were complete psychos and had major temper issues. She lost her brother including her parents when her younger brother made her parents mad. The little boy was young and didn't much, but Nicole's parents still got angry and cast the Iced Shell on the young boy. Nicole's brother was frail and fragile and died at that. Wandering alone, Nicole found the Fairy Tail guild and begged to join. The Master accepted without hesitation. 

As she got older, she went on a mission to break some kind of magical mirrors, although instead, she was sucked into them and they took her to a world where there is no magic. Time passed there and she had forotten her life as a mage in Fairy Tail. She began to live a normal life with a new family without magic. Over time, however, the guild grew more and more worried for Nicole, and one day, Gray figured out how to bring her back to Fiore. 

She resumed her life in Fiore like nothing had happened, although she did miss many arcs, including: Galuna Island, Phantom Lord, and Tower of Heaven.

Nicole also believes she helped Jellal (Mystogen) bring Wendy to Cait Shelter. But Lahar ordered Doranbolt to use his Memory Control magic to make Nicole and Wendy believe that.


Gray Fullbuster

When Nicole first joined Fairy Tail, Gray was the first person she met other than Makarov. She has a close bond between them and also sees him as a romantic interest. Gray also sees her as a close friend and over time, he develops a small crush on her, too.

When they were younger, they talked about their past and how thwy ended up in Fairy Tail. Gray told stories of Lyon and Ur, and Nicole talked about her brother.


Annabelle is Nicole's best and closest friend. They both joined Fairy Tail at the same time and lost their families at the same time. Annabelle is a light dragon slayer, and after the dragon left her, she came to Fairy Tail, and met Nicole.

A couple days before Nicole went missing inside of the mirrors, Annabelle suddenly went missing as well. Although shortly after Nicole returned to Fairy Tail, she found Annabelle again, and Annabelle returned to Fairy Tail as well.


Sparkle is Annabelle's Exceed, and Nicole's friend. Sparkle is sweet to Nicole, as Nicole likes to care for her pretends she is Nicole's. Although Sparkle is Annabelle's exceed, Nicole treats Sparkle as if she is hers, due to Nicole loving cats. Much like Happy, Sparkle sometimes teases Nicole about her crushes.


Lahar enjoys messing with Nicole's past. He knew about Nicole's parents and her history since the beginning, although no one knows how. When Nicole met him for the first time, she knew all about Lahar, from Doranbolt's Memory Control. Nicole develops a crush on him as well as Gray, Loke, and others, despite knowing what he has been doing to her memory. Lahar also had liked her, but from the beginning.





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