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"Our Dragon Slayers are captured! It doesn't matter if we are exceeds or not, big or small. It depends on our hearts and how our comrades rely on us. I may be small, but that doesn't matter. We need to help each other. I believe that our guild is one big family, and families help each other. We'll do this not only for us, but for our whole family! "

— Milky Way to Pantherlily and Charle.

Milky Way

Milky Way



Mirukī Wei




Female Female

Hair Color

White and Brown Spots

Eye Color

Dark Brown

Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Guild Mark Location




Base of Operations

Second Fairy Tail Building
First Fairy Tail Building(former)

Personal Status



Keira Starlight



Milky Way is the exceed of Keira Starlight, the Cloud Dragon Slayer. The two of them are really close friends.


Milky Way

Milky Way's Guild Mark

Milky Way is white with brown spots. She is shorter than the other exceeds, but she can carry two people at once. Her guild mark is placed at her back;color violet.


Milky Way always loves milk. Milk milk milk! Whenever you see her, you'll always see that she has milk with her. But when it is time to be serious, she'll do anything. She will help her friends to defeat the enemies. She helps Keira to fly to the sky and eat clouds. Milky Way may be cute, but when she is serious, you'll get scared of her.



Keira Starlight

Milky Way was one of the eggs sent down in Earth Land from Edolas. Her egg was found by Keira Starlight and Keira raised her. When she was born, Keira always feeds her Milk. Milky Way became really happy. The two of them became close friends. But one day, Ignitatia, Keira's dragon dissappeared. She helped her find Ignitatia but they can't see her anywhere. Keira got really sad and so did she. Then while looking, a blonde girl found them and took care of them. Her name is Lucy Heartfilia when they found out that she was a mage too, they joined the guild she was in, Fairy Tail. After that they became happy. But one day, Lucy and the others didn't come back when they went to the Tenroujima Island. She noticed that Keira became sad. Because of that she forced her to go with her, and leave the guild. While they were walking. A girl with green hair took care of them. She has the same headband as Keira's. They live at her home for 5 years. After that. Keira heared the news that Lucy-san and the others are back. They became happy and hurriedly went to the guild. And there they all are, complete, and all was missing was Keira Starlight and Milky Way. Many asks us where we've been, but we don't answer them. Nobody knows where we've been, only me and Keira

Powers and Abilities

  • Flying
  • Can carry 1-2 people


  • Milky Way was the person who helped Keira remember when she had an Amnesia.
  • Milky Way is spoiled.
  • Milky Way loves to sleep.