Lia Dragnen

Lia Dragnen (リアドルガヌヌ Ria Dragnen) is an Ice dragon Slayer. She was born on x767. She was born on planet named NOW. When she was 5 years old, she moved to Kingdom of Fiore. Fiore is so big and she got lost. On her way to find Magnolia, she met Clare. A young celestial mage on way to Magnolia. Soon they became very good team.

After two weeks they finally got to Magnolia.There she met her older brother Joseph. Joseph took care of her. They grow up together even if they have't got parents to watch over them.

When Lia was in age when she could join guild, she joined Fairy Tail. Luckily Clara was a member of Fairy Tail too. Now she is an S-Class Mage who is in Dragon Slayer team. Soon she will buy a house in Magnolia, where will she live with her brother and Clare together.

In year X780 Lia, Clara and Joseph went to work in Lamia Scale. Unfortunately they were attacked by dark guild. They were trying to fight. Lia was the only one who survived. Joseph there saved her life. With tears in eyes Lia ran home. Her sorrow was big. She never forgave herself that she could not save them. From that day she likes to wear dark clothes. Few years later, when she was on way to do another work she met a man. She helped him. Few minutes later, when she was talking with hi, she found out that man is a demon who can resurrect anyone. She paid him for resurrecting Clara and Joseph. He resurrected them. Then they went home. She was happy, but her favorite color was still dark. At home she lied Clara and Joseph that they have never been killed. She told them that she defeated them. The kind demon who brought them back to life will be always a secret.


Lia Dragnen in her favourite clothes


Lia Dragnen

Lia Dragnen

Kanji リアドルガヌヌ


Ria Doruganunu


Race Human
Gender Female
Age 16 (X783)
Birthday Year X767
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown

Professional Status

Affiliation Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation None
Guild mark location left arm
Occupation mage
team Dragon Slayers team
Previous Team none
Previous partners none
Base of operations Fairy tail building

Personal status

Status Active
Relatives Joseph (brother; active)
Counterpart none



Ice Dragon Slayer

Ice magic


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