Leila Aziz is a Demon-Magic user and a member of Fairy Tail, she is a Cambion, half demon and half human. Because of this she possessed demonic power which was fear when she was a child a child. Upon meeting Fairy Tail Leila works hard to control hr inner demon, she will do anything to keep her loved one's safe.


Leila is a young women with a slim figure, she has purple hair with icy blue eyes, she had a large bust, curves and ample hips. She wears a cropped black jacket zipped up with white designs with a small black top underneath, she wears matching black shorts and black knee-length stockings with black combat boots.She wear a black collar and a black cape. Her hair is tied half-up and half-down, she also wears black finger less gloves.


Leila has a very serious personality which was caused by her upbringing, she is cold and harsh and often dismissed the normal word for 'fun'. Because of her lonely childhood Leila has always thoughts that one must fight for them-self and only them-self, she doesn't see the point in saving others espically if they are weak. She also doesn't see the points in friends and comrades, believing they they slow you down and will betray you.

After meeting Fairy Tail her thoughts change, she starts to slowly make friends and stand up for them. Despite her saying that they're loud an annoying she genuinely likes staying in the guild, sometimes she joins in on the brawling.

Even though she might be cold she likes cute things like animals and plushies, she also gets happy when she see's cakes or anything sweet.

Leila would be described as a Tsundere, denying everything that makes her happy.


Leila was born from her human father and demon mother, her mother had transformed her appearance into a human to mate with her father, leading her to get pregnant and have Leila. Her mother left her and her father when she was a year old, her father was traumatized that he had a demon daughter and shunned her away along with the other villagers, this caused Leila to have a cold personality. However there was only one person who was nice to Leila and didn't turn her away which was the old lady at the bakery in her village. The old lady would give Leila cakes and anything sweet to make her happy, the old lady loved Leila like her own daughter.

One day Leila felt evil burning inside of her and her demon side broke out, it caused her to destroy her home village and put people in danger including her father. Leila managed to get back to her human self when she harmed the old lady who worked at the bakery, feeling upset and guilty Leila tried to save her but failed, as Leila held the women in her arms, the old lady smiled at her and said to her that she still loves her, Leila broke down into tears and the old women died in her arms. Leila then left the village, telling herself that she will not make anymore bonds and will only live for herself.


Magic and Abilities

Demon Magic: The user turn them-self into a full or half demon, earning the user a few demonic features. It increased your inner evilness and brings it out along. Not much is know about Demon Magic since only few wizards possess it.

Demon Blast: A large ball of dark energy is charged between Leila's hands, from which a dark purple beam is fired towards the target.

Demon Spear: Leila can create a spear made out of demonic energy flowing in her body, it is strong and fast. It's appearance is dark blue with small black smoke.

Demon Sword: Leila can create a sword made out of demonic energy flowing in her body, is strong and sharp. It's appearance is dark blue with small black smoke.

Demon Armour: Leila can create an armour from her demonic energy, it covers her chest, legs, arms and back, it is dark blue with black smoke.

Demon Wings: Leila can create wings on her back to help her fly, they are dark blue with black smoke.

Demon Take Over: Leila only does her Demon Take Over is she looses control or if her anger is built up, as such her body, personality and appearance changes. Leila's skin starts to go black and her eyes go red, she gets two black horns on her head and a black tail, her nails are then sharpened and become cat-like. Leila also gets fangs. Her personality becomes deadly and blood thirsty, her moves also become cat-like and she lets out growls of anger.

  • Immense Strength: When in this form Leila 's strength is increased to the point where she can easily break through solid rock with her punches.
  • Enhanced Durability: This form increases Leila's natural durability, allowing her to take multiple powerful explosions in consecutive reprises, emerging almost unscathed and remaining active to continue the battle.
  • Enhanced Speed: While in this form, Leila's speed increases to the point where she can run very fast.

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