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"You think you're a Dragon Slayer!? Allow me to show you a True Dragon Slayer!!"

—Koyjin to Aisu Samui
Kyo done
Kyojin Firare

True Dragon Slayer (Self proclaimed)
Flame (Team Mates)
First (by Aisu Samui)






Male Male


23 (X784)




143 lb

Eye Color

Blood Red

Hair Color


Blood Type


Guild Mark Location

Left Forearm (Black)

Professional Status

Yami Encrusted Yami Encrusted

Previous Affiliation

Dw emblem Dragon Whisper


S-Class Mage (Former)
Guild Master


Team Flame

Base of Operations

Akuma Centorian

Personal Status



Fire Dragon Slayer Magic
Dragon Force
Fire Magic

Kyojin is a Third Generation Fire Dragon Slayer, a member of the Dark Guild "Yami Encrusted" and the leader of Team Flame. He serves as one of the primary antagonists for Aisu Samui as well as his archenemy.

Kyojin is a very deadly foe, sometimes even killing his own team mates to escape from situations. Kyojin has come into contact with Aisu Samui on many occasions normally ending in a full out battle or a stare down.

After Seven years Kyojin seems almost the same, although he seems to be even more brutal and filled with anger. Since becoming the head of Yami Encrusted, Kyojin has developed a powerful and brutal reign ending his the deaths of many of his followers.


Kyojin is a slim, yet muscular, toned young man of average height with spiky silver hair, which is kept in strands jutting outwards in every direction, and a smaller, frontal cowlick (or tuft) of hair partially hanging over his forehead. He has slanted, slit pupiled, blood red eyes. His dark Yami Encrusted mark is located on his left forearm. As a Dragon Slayer, Kyojin possesses distinctively sharp canine teeth.

Kyojin wears a skin tight black top that leaves his muscular upper abdominals exposed along with a dark grey scarf made of a fur like material, which Kyojin claims to be the fur from an unknown creature he killed on his travels. Along with this he wears a pair of white trousers and black boots.

After seven years Kyojin wears a black, gold trimmed jacket, as well as a grey, high-collared piece of what appears to be armor underneath, exposing, yet again, his abdominals. With this, Sting wears a pair of white colored trousers with fang-like designs on the side; he accessorized his outfit with two different belts: one around his waist and one below that that holds no reason other than look good. His trousers are tucked inside boots that are extremely reminiscent of his original pair.



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