"Does that really matter?! He's just as surprised as you are, maybe even more! You are supposed to be the best of friends, and now you are accusing him of a crime he never committed. He has no memory of being E.N.D, so it isn't his fault.
Khione Fullbuster to Gray Fullbuster
Khione Mikasa Blue Fullbuster is a S-Class Mage in the guild Sabertooth, and formerly an S-Class Mage in the guild Sinister Beetle. She is the younger sister of Gray Fullbuster and is famous for her magic, Winter (Make) Magic, a combination of air, water, ice and snow, where she can use it separately or combined, and as make or normal magicor combined, and as make magic of normal, as well as her beauty, for during thr 7-year gap, when the members of Fairy Tail were frozen, she modeled for The Sorcerers Weekly.


Initially, when Khione was 17, she had long black hair that was below he hips, and she wore an elemental proof combat putfit, which consisted of a black top which showed off her stomach, with stitched on jacket-like design, and black gloves, although no with matching short-shorts and long boots which come up to her thighs. She wears a cloth over her pants, which are kept up by a leather belt, over her pants, and her purple Sinister Beetle mark shown under her cheast

After joining Savertooth, though, she cha ges her outfit into a shirt and pant body suit which is brown in the middle, tough she kept her cloth around her waist, and she has a navy blue Sabertooth mark on her stomach.


Khione is a kind, loving girl, but often is cruel without realizing it, as when Minerva was torturing Lucy Heartfillia, and she was torturing Juvia Lockse, she thought it was normal, and for the sake of her guild. She is called funny and crazy by her guild mates. She is often cold and rude, though, to her brother, Gray, and she blames him for not contacting her all those years. 

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