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"Better gather together your daisies so you can cry yourself to the win with the power of [makes weird waving motion] ~friendship~ whoo"

Kendra to Team Natsu

Timeskip kendra
Kendra (Eyrina) Arley






Eyrina The Juggler (ジャグラー Eyrina jagurā)


Half Celestial Spirit


Female Female


17 (x785) / 25 (x792)






April 2nd

Hair Color

light pink

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol None

Previous Affiliation

Magic Council

Fairy Tail

Celestial Spirit World

Guild Mark Location

Right upper leg



Previous Occupation

Member of the Magic Council

Member of the Celestial Spirit World



Previous Team

Light Team

Tenrou Team


Allistair Tayler

Previous Partner(s)

Cole Arley (former)

Loke (former)

Sira Kizagai (former)

Lucy Heartfilia (former)

Ratchet Skelton (former)

Juvia Lockser

Base of Operations


Second Fairy Tail Building(former)

First Fairy Tail Building(former)

Personal Status



Kiyori Arley (Mother, deceased)

Noel the Joker (Father, alive)

Cole Arley (Brother, deceased)

Mamiko Arley (Grandmother, alive)

Eugene Arley (Grandfather, alive)


Kendra Amour


Illusions magic



Image Gallery

Kendra Arley Kendra is a mage of Fairy Tail since she was 8 years old. After her brother died, she left the guild for 2 years and returned with an rather unapproachable personality.

She's very reserved and doesn't act up all loving and caring, only a few have gathered enough of her kindness for them to call themselves her friends. Her cool demeanor frightens off many people of the guild when Kendra even shows up there. She enjoys time alone and prefers it to go on missions alone or not being in the guild at all.

Once you've come close enough to her though, she shows off her honest and not horribly sarcastic side and might even shed some words of care towards you.


Main design kendy render

Kendra is a rather small mage with normal sized breasts and varying hair styles, depending on her mood or the weather.

Her hair colour is a light pink which becomes more reddish in the flow to the tips and her eyes are a golden yellow mix. She almost always wears a sarcastic expression, sometimes switching in between bored and fed up.

After meeting her partner Allistair, Kendra gains some kind of blue symbols and carvings on her whole body the more time she shares with him.

Her outfit varies between wide baggy pants and tube top to short pants with shoulder free top, mainly held in the colours of red, turquoise and white with either no shoes on at all or sloppy worn off brown boots.


Kendra is an impulsive and rather loud mage. With her horribly sarcastic exclamations she often confuses the people she's talking with, added to that she's kinda selfish and stubborn, always pounding on her opinion and barely coping with others. She's very secretive about herself and loyal towards just a few. With her naturally first openhearted and confident attitude she wins friends pretty fast, but neglects or forgets them even faster. She's flattery and passionate when it comes to her personal interests which she rarely talks about. Alltogether, Kendra isn't an easy person, she knows about her flaws but refuses to change them, she likes herself the way she is.

For her personally, too many friends exhaust her, she usually has one or two, the others she considers as people she used to be really close with or she randomly talks to. She often puts her own feelings in front of anyone elses and decides for herself what is best for her. She's a very straight forward person and sometimes lets out small things that may hurt the other one, if she notices her fault fast enough she usually apologizes and explains herself to make the other understand.


 Kendra is the child of a forbidden love between Celestial Spirit mage and a Celestial Spirit. Her mother Kiyori fell in love with her Celestial Spirit, Noel the Joker, but before Kendra was born, he had to return to the Celestial Spirit World due to someone destroying his key in battle, the Celestial Spirit King wasn't all too please about his secret love and meddling with his owner and punished him with not being able to return to the human world ever again. Kiyori felt so lonely without her lover, but was told by guild master Bob that he sensed a presence within her that could only be Noel's offspring. Eager to bring his child to this world even with her weak condition, she returned to her wealthy parents and gave birth to Kendra with their loving care. Kiyori was too weak after the birth and died two hours later, her parents were supposed to raise Kendra, but once of Kiyori's Spirits appeared to tell them Kendra was supposed to be going to the Celestial Spirit world to fulfill her duty and was soon taken in by a magical force that pulled her away from her grandparents.

 But on her way towards the Spirit World, a dark power was taking away her magical strength which resulted in her not being strong enough to pass the barrier to the Celestial Spirit World. Her father, being able to see what happened through magical lacrima was begging his Spirit friends to help his daughter and help him create a Illusion strong enough to live up for enough years to raise his child, that Illusion was Cole.

In her age of six, Cole and Kendra moved to Magnolia into a house which an old Lady bought for them, since Cole and Kendra didn't have a place to stay at and she had a small summer house she didn't use anymore. Kendra grew up very normally, but she always felt that she was alone, that her 'brother' wasn't real. It made her sad, but when her brother suddenly came home and said, that he was able to join the Fairy Tail Guild, she was fascinated and wanted to join too.

And she did only two years later. Her brother was fifteen as he brought her with him to the guild, asking Makarov to let her join too. Of course he accepted. Cole's best friend was Ryan Dreyar, the stepson of Makarov. The two boys formed a team and often went on missions, Kendra wasn't able to use her magic yet, so she had to stay with Natsu and the others. One day, when Kendra was fourteen, Ryan and Cole got into a big fight. Ryan wanted to be with Kendra, but Cole didn't want that since he knew of the water mage's sadistic personality. They even started to use their magic against eachother. Kendra wasn't able to do anything against it, she didn't want to hurt any of them. In the end, it was Ryan who pushed Cole off the cliff and killed him. He disappeared right after that action and never showed his face to any of the guild members again. Kendra was upset, screaming out for help, crying and trying to push away what happened. But when the help arrived, it was already too late.

Magic council salute

After that accident, Kendra left for two years before finally returning to the guild. During that time she secretly joined the Magic Council and always had to follow Lahar to support him in his work. After some time she had a crush on him, without it being returned in any way. But after nearly two years passed, she was sick and tired of all the paper work and returned to Fairy Tail.

I'm acutally supposed to work

But as she returned to the guild she had changed alot, she was rather distant and kept her stance in a cold demeanor almost all the time, when someone was going on her nerves she straight up told them or was throwing sarcastic remarks at them. From time to time she came to the guild less daily and when approached on the street she waved off anyones greet with a shallow smirk and a shake of her head. Just when Erza and Levy were asking about her behaviour Kendra openly stated that she would be happy if she'd never even joined the guild. The others were a little shocked but kept their save distance from her then, making it reasonable through picturing her behaviour is the result of the guilt she carried over the death of her brother.

In that year, she also met somebody who lit up her life a little. Even when she was in Phantom Lord, that girl somehow made her want to take care of her. Even though Sira Kizagai was the cause of her big scar when she used her sand arrows to pierce Kendra to death, but thanks to Bisca only one hit her. After the big battle, Sira, Gajeel and Juvia joined the guild and Kendra became her close and ocassionally also only friend.

Nirvana Arc

In the Nirvana Arc, Kendra's big secret finally lifted. Before they were send out to that mission, Kendra gave a silver gate key to Lucy, telling her it was cursed and that the spirit was insane and killed all his former owners. When it came to the fight Lucy vs. Angel, the Oracion Seis member snapped away that silver key and summoned the spirit which was unfortunately Kendra. Since Lucy hasn't made a contract with her yet, Angel did and forced her to fight against the others. But as she did with Aries, Kendra got hit with her cannon and disappeared. When the fight was over, Lucy re-summoned her and made a contract with her, telling her that her true self was more
Do I look like virgo

Kendra complaining about being Lucy's spirit

beautiful than the fake personality she once used to hold up. Kendra brushed her words off and simply offered her her services now that she knew about all of this mess Kendra got herself into. Even though she wasn't having the end she had expected, Kendra was glad when Lucy didn't summon her all too often.

Edolas Arc

Kendra so happened to get there without her magical powers and from being sucked into the Anima which made her completely confused about the whole situation. As she first saw her counterpart, Kendra Armour, she nearly fainted. The other Kendra however was highly amused and
Edo x earthland

'Kendra meeting her counterpart Kendra Armour'

immediatly ran over to her to embraced her, asking her if she was her sister.

The Edolas Kendra is very overly attached and tends to always hold the Earthland Kendra's hand, which she is fine with. They also both start to try making Edo Juvia and Edo Gray happen, aswell as Natsu and Lucy, which horribly fails with both of them getting hit by the more aggressive part.

When the Earthland mages return home, the two of them hug and even cry a little but they both give a little gift to eachother. Edo Kendra gives the Earthland Kendra one of her pearls while the other one gives her counterpart one of her gloves.

Tenroujima Arc

HorribleSubs FairyTail-100 480p xvid 8 0003

Kendra scolding Mira on Tenroujima for laughing at her cooking skills.

In the Tenroujima Arc, Kendra was forced to stay on accident. Lucy was summoning her for support which ended in the seven years timeskip afterwards.

Grand Magic Games Arc

Kendra and Sira are shown to be exciting for Fairy Tail's win against Sabertooth. They are later fighting against the seven dragons from the eclipse gaate, but they got grievously injured and are dying. They laying on a demolished house bleeding and sobbing as what their future will be. They hugged each other as they died. When Ultear casted her taboo spell, Sira and Kendra were brought back to life.

Magic and Abilities

Kendra Fight pose

Kendra using her Illusions Magic

Kendra uses a sort of weak Light Magic (光の魔法 Hikari no mahō), which was learnt by her very poorly. It took her around 6 years to manage using it in a sorry way, like creating bubbles that would lighten up a cave or some inner glow to make herself at ease.
Perfect match

With her illusions magic (ない魔法 Iryūjon nai mahō) she can do much more, but also stays on the path of only support than actual action. Her illusions magic has been the magical power she's been born with, which makes it easy for her to go off hand without draining much of power from her. It can barely be used for any offence attacks, she mainly manipulates people's feelings, fears or attitudes with different shapes or surroundings.

Kendra fighting (with actual magic xD)

Kendra using her area Illusion magic

-Shape Illusions: The simpliest kind of Illusion magic, Kendra mainly uses it to shorten or lengthen her hair, hiding scars or her freckles, but it can aswell be used for creating illusions of Monsters or other creatures to scare her prey a little

-Clockwork Bell: Another kind of Illusion magic. Kendra uses a rainbow heavenly feather. She uses it to slowly drain enemy magic. It takes about 5 minutes to fully drain all power of the enemy. When the enemy is completely weak, the feather will make a giant clockwork bell ring. If she continues to use the spell, The enemy will simply die. But Kendra never uses her spell beyond that point.

-Area Illusions: Another rather simple kind of Illusion magic, it's used for changing surroundings and areas like turning a desert into a haven. Unlike the Shape Illusions, Kendra can't control them as much to manifest them, she rarely uses this magic except if she needs to calm herself down.

Coming home

Kendra using her Light Bubbles

-Light bubbles: The light bubbles are one of the simple light magic basics Kendra learned, she usually creates them when she has to wander through the night or when she enters a cave.

Unison Raid of Heaven and Hell

Sira and Kendra summoning Sunaoni

- Unison Raid of Heaven and Hell (天国と地獄のユニゾンレイド Tengokutodjigoku no yunizonreido): A spell she can only use with her friend Sira where her light and illusions merge with Sira's sand and create a Sand-Demon which is fighting for them after it has been summoned. They only used it once on the Tenroujima to fight against Acnologia, but even the monster wasn't able to harm the dragon. Sira later on gave the demon the name 'Sunaoni'.


-Cole's Necklace: She's always wearing it, even when she hides it in her top. Before Cole was pushed off the cliff, Ryan ripped it apart and it fell in the grass. It's the only thing Kendra has left from her beloved brother. It's pendant is a golden thunderbolt with a smaller silver one right next to it. It should symbolize that her big brother and her will always stay together.


-Anger of friends: Her biggest weakness is the anger and betrayal of friends since the death of her brother was

Kendra's biggest fear

a trauma.

-Darkness: Her other weakness is darkness, she's afraid of it and can't handle dark surroundings.

-Puppets and Clowns: She has a bad case of Pupaphobia and Coulrophobia, even though seeing dolls and puppets is way more worse than clowns. It most likely makes her unable to do anything in battle, she sometimes even starts to cry.


Kenny and cole hug

The last hug of the siblings

Cole Arley:
Cole was her dear brother. He was the most important person in her life, the only person which was her family. They were the perfect match and he always watched over her. She never knew her parents, so she somehow couldn't be as sad about their death as she was about Cole's, he was always by her side since she was born. She never loved a family member more than him.

Sira Kizagai: Sira is her dearest friend on the whole world. Since she met her the first time, she somehow felt that she had to be by her side and that she needed somebody. When Sira finally joined the guild together with Gajeel and Juvia, she immediatly wanted to befriend her. But as a former member of Phantom Lord, Sira still wasn't used to the atmosphere in Fairy Tail, the only thing she knew was: 'working and being alone' but Kendra changed that. She always tried to take her to missions and secretly showed her how to be a member of Fairy Tail, so they became close friends and later on built a Team called 'Kuro & Shiro', because they were complete opposites but worked together like siblings. Kendra would do everything for Sira.

Team Natsu: Kendra has a rather unpleasant opinion about Team Natsu.

While being Lucy's spirit for quite some time, she was travelling with them occasionally gathering all her despise for them. She wouldn't say she dislikes them, but she's annoyed by them to no end. She doesn't like how they always overdo themselves to the brim of almost going extinct, just for them to suddenly burn up again and beat everyone by the "power of love".

Kendra doesn't like how unprepared they step into battle or do missions, she rather not want to be called by Lucy during one of their trips.

Allirina by kendypun-d966v4b

Allistair Tayler: Allistair was the mysterious Celestial being she and Ratchet found during one of her missions. Even though he wasn't giving away much of himself, Kendra soon began to like his sarcastic personality and disdain of all sorts of human behaviour to the point where the two of them split off from Ratchet to travel along just as the two of them, leading them down the path of undying love. Even if it meant giving up Kendra's life she made herself in Magnolia, or the father she found again in the Celestial Spirit World, added to that also her place in the Spirit World, she decided for herself that it would be best to stay with Allistair, even if it was leading to her end.



  • After she created Cole when she was a little baby, she never were able to create such an Illusion again
  • The Edolas Kendra isn't her opposite, she's much more like the deepest of her feelings that the Earthland Kendra used to hide
  • The name 'Kendra' was the name her brother thought of when she was a baby, so she kept it even when her real name is Eyrina.
  • Kendra usually has white nail polish on her nails, while her best friend Sira has black nails

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