Maybe..she can change the world?

—-Kendall in "Edolas Arc"

Kendall is the counterpart of Kendall. She is a member of Edolas Fairy Tail Guild.





Brutal Girl




Female Female



Hair Color


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Professional Status

Edolas symbol Edolas
Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail(Edolas)

Previous Occupation


Base of Operations

Edolas Fairy Tail

Personal Status





Kendall has blue eyes and brown hair, just like her counterpart. She often wears outfits that is revealing, she has two different main dresses. one is a white flower-like dress with flower and ribbons ornaments and accessories on it, and her second is a dark revealing outfit which she wears a coat with in.


Kendall has a polarizing personality, but at her core, she is very demanding, snobbish, narcissistic, and bratty. Despite her cute, doll-like appearance, she has an overinflated ego, vulgar mouth and an unstable temper that often surfaces when things don't go her way. She will threaten anyone who gets in the way of what she wants, insulting, manipulating, and even physically assaulting them. She uses her doll-like appearance and charm to her advantage, though. Right after she transferred, she got a lot of attention from her class.

Despite this, Kendall is capable of cooperating with her other people when she has to --but only if it benefits her in some way. In addition, she is capable of showing genuine respect to other people when they deserve it.


Edolas Arc


Karate Techniques

Hichu This pressure point is located in the center of the lowest part of the Neck, in the hollow
Shofu In the lateral aspect of the neck, in the posterior border of the Sternocleidomastoideus posterosuperior on both sides of the center of the neck.
Tento one half inch directly above the middle of the anterior hairline.
Dokko Dokko is a hollow spot behind the ear lobe
Uto One half inch above Eye Bridge, between the eyes.
Jinchu A little above midpoint of the philtrum, just under the nostrils.
Mikazuki Above the Adam’s apple, in the depression of the upper border of the hyoid bone.
Kote On the inner crease of the elbow (find the center of the crease, and move inward toward the body one half cun.)
Yun Chuan On the sole of the foot just forward of center.
Yako Four cun (inches) above the medial epicedial of the femur, between m. vastus medialis and m. Sartorius. One inch below the center of the inner thigh.
Bitei Inwards or upwards or a combination of the two angles.
Kinteki The midpoint of the upper border of the Superior pubic ligament
Teko On the dorsum of the hand, between the thumb and the 1st metacarpal bones, dors. Inter osseous m.,1st
Myojyo Classic martial arts on inch below the belly button. Acupuncture places it at

1.5 cun from navel.

Sonu The general location of this area is stomach and large intestine
Tendo Found at the top of the skull, 2 cun (inch) posterior to the midpoint of the anterior hairline.
Kasumi Sphenoid or temple, in the depression about one inch posterior to the midpoint between the lateral eyebrow and the outer canthus.
Mimi Whole of the Ear
Seidon Yuyao, middle of the eyebrow with the eye looking forward, the point is under the pupil, between the eyeball and the infraorbital ridge.
Genkon In the depression in the center of the Mentolabial groove.
Keichu Center of the back of the neck, between the third and fourth Cervical vertebrae.
Muyo bone Inside edge of the tibia, seven cun above the tip of the medial malleolus, on the medial aspect near the medial border of the tibia.
Fukuto Fukuto, is located on the midline of the lateral aspect of the thigh, about seven cun above the transverse popliteal crease.
Uchi Kuro Bushi In the depression of the lower border of the medial malleolus or one cun (inch) below the medial malleolus. Just below and slightly to the front of the knobby protruding of bone on the in side of the ankle of the right leg.
Koori Gap between the first and second toe on the foot surface of the web.
Gaishoho One half inch above, on the Pericardium meridian, on the palm side of the arm about two and a half inches above the wrist, between the Radius and the ulna bones.
Shen Men Out side of the back of the foot, behind outer ankle.

Arm Techniques

Japanese English
Zuki Punch
Uchi Strike
Age Zuki rising punch
Kagi Zuki hook punch
Yama Zuki Mountain punch
Awase Zuki Two handed punch
Heiko Zuki Parallel punch
Hasami Zuki Scissors punch
Nagashi Zuki Flowing punch
Ko Uchi Bent wrist strike
Washi-De Eagle hand
Kaisho Open hand
Choku Zuki Straight punch
Ura Zuki Upper punch
Uraken Uchi Back fist strike
Furi Zuki Circular punch
Mawashi Zuki Round hook punch
Tate Zuki Vertical punch
Kizami Zuki Jab punch
Oi Zuki Lunge punch
Gyaku zuki Reverse punch
Nihon Zuki Double punch
Sanbon Zuki Triple punch
Jun Zuki Leading punch
Morote Zuki Two fisted punch
Furi Sute Whip swing
Hojo Oshi Augmented push
Tsukami Hiki Grab-pull
Ashi Dori Leg take down
Toki Waza Freeing technique
Hazushi Waza Throwing-off technique
Nage Waza Throwing technique
haito Uchi ridge hand
hiji uchi (empi) elbow strike[3]
kaiko-ken flat fist
koken bent wrist
nakadaka-ken middle finger knuckle fist
nukite Uchi finger thrust
seiken fist
shotei Uchi palm of hand
shuto Uchi knife hand
tettsui hammer hand
yubi hasami finger pinch

Foot techniques[edit]

Japanese English
Mai Geri Keage Front kick (snap)
Mai Geri Kekomi Front kick (thrust)
Stomping joint kick
Knee kick
Nidan Geri Double front kick
Mai Toba Geri Jump kick
Swing kick
Yoko Geri Kiagi Side kick (snap)
Yoko Geri (Kekomi) Side kick (thrust)
Mawashi Geri Round kick
Ushiro Geri Back kick
Ashi Barai Foot sweep
Kakato Otoshi Heel drop
Fumikomi stomp (strike)

Foot movements[edit]

pages 42 of Higaonna 'Fundamental Techniques'

Movements of foot used in Attack[2]
Japanese English
Suri Ashi Sliding step
Tsugi Ashi Shuffling step
Ayumi Ashi Natural stepping
Yori Ashi Dragging step
Keri Ashi Kicking foot
Tenshin Moving
Chakuchi Landing
Issoku-cho One foot length


pages 117-120 of Higaonna 'Fundamental Techniques'

Stances used in Karate[2]
Japanese English
Dachi Stance
Heisoku Dachi Closed foot stance (feet together)
Musubi Dachi Heels together - feet at an angle
Heiko Dachi Parallel stance (feet shoulder width apart)
Hachiji Dachi Natural stance (feet shoulder width apart - toes slightly pointed out)
Shiko Dachi Straddle leg stance
Kiba Dachi Horse riding stance
Sanchin Dachi Hourglass stance
Zen Kutsu Dachi Front Stance
Han Zen Kutsu Dachi Half front stance
Fudo Dachi Free stance
Kokutsu Dachi Back stance
Neko Ashi Dachi Cat stance
Renoji Dachi "L" stance
Seisan Dachi Side facing straddle stance
Koshi Dachi Squat stance

Blocking techniques[edit]

pages 129-136 of Higaonna 'Fundamental Techniques'

Blocking used in Karate[2]
Japanese English
Uke Block
Age Uke (Jodan) Rising block (Head)
Chudan Uke Inside circular block
Harai Uke Sweeping block
Yoko Uke Side block
Morote Sukui Uke Two hand scoop block
Shotei Harai Uke Palm heel sweeping block
Shotei Otoshi Uke Palm heel descending block
Hojo Uke Augmented block
Hari Uke Bow & Arrow block
Haishu Mawashi Osae Uke Back hand circling press block
Kuri Uke Circular elbow block
Ura Kake Uke Back-hand hook block
Uchi Hiki Uke Middle level inward pulling block
Yoko (Soto) Hiki Uke Side (outward) pulling block
Kosa Uke Cross block
Kake Uke Hook block
Ude Osae Arm wedge
Shotei Osae Palm-heel press
Gedan barai Downward block
Hiki Uke Grasping block
Shuto Uke Knife hand block
Shotei Uke Palm heel block
Chudan Uchi Uke Inside forearm block
Ko Uke Wrist block
Gedan Uchi Barai Inside downward block (open hand)
Ura Uke Back hand block
Hiji Uke Elbow block
Hiza Uke Knee block
Mawashi Uke Roundhouse block
Morote Uke Double handed block
Tora Guchi Tiger mouth (block & strike)

Former Magic And Abilities

Mythical wand

Mythical Wand

Kendall's mythical wand

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