IMG 3173
Juvianne Lockser



'Jubianne Rokusā'


Iron Pole
Shimai-chan(by Lyon Vastia)
Water Lady(by Julie Yami)
Itoko-chan(by Juvia Lockser)




Female Female




Year X767

Hair Color

Grey and neon teal tip dye 

Eye Color

Dark Blue

Blood Type


Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation

Lamia Scale


S-Class Mage


Yandere Squad Team


Julie Yami
Chibokunii Okomi
Raikou Aika

Base of Operations

Second Fairy Tail Building First Fairy Tail Building(former)

Personal Status



Juvia Lockser


Water God Slayer
Sound Magic
28 Spells of the southern ocean


Throwing Knife

Image Gallery


Juvianne is a slender, young woman with grey and neon teal tip dye hair, dark blue eyes, pale skin and a curvaceous figure. Juvianne is first introduced wearing Long sleaved shirt, short skirt and thigh-high boots. Upon becoming a S-Class mage of Fairy Tail, She began to wear more revealing clothing, She wears a sleave less dark grey shirt, knee-high pants, eyepatch at her left eye and knee-high boots. Juvianne's Fairy Tail Guild Stamp is placed at her left shoulder.


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Magic and Abilities

  • Water God's Bellow

She is capable of gathering water on her mouth and then generate from the very same spot a powerful current of water, which is fired towards the target as a ranged assault. This is seemingly a result of it clashing with the similar To Dragon's Roar.

  • Water God's Dance

She have to go near the target, and, when she got close enough to her opponent, she rotates her torso and extend her arms outwards. This prompts a very massive, spiraling current of black water to be generated, which lifts her opponent several meters from the ground and harms tour opponent.

  • Water God's Boreas

She generates two black spiral currents, which gathers together in corresponds to one of her open hands. She extends a hand towards her opponent, sending the currents, which will multiply and take the shape of a massive whirlpool, at the opponent.

She'll have to allow to produce, control, and manipulate water. Two black spiral currents that gathered together in corresponds to one of her open hands. She extends an hand to her opponent, sending the currents, which multiplied and take a shape of a massive whirlpool, at her opponent.

  • God Slayer's Secret Art:

Heavenly Gathering of Water It is initiated by herself to extend her arms outwards with her palms open and having currents of black water spiral around them. She'll have to lift her hands in the sky, gathering more, thinner streams of water around her. Black water is generated from her very arms, appearing in the form of stylized feathers, which rapidly grow in numbers until She condenses them into an elongated mass before with her hands. Such final current grows larger and larger as one of its ending parts wraps around her body and the other is fired towards the opponent. Four heavenly wings composed of black water are shown protruding from the part focused around Her body, while the entire structure is surrounded by thin, spiraling currents of the very same wind, scattering some of the feathers around as the dark, serpentine mass approaches its opponent at high speed.


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