A small gallery con taining Freya's  Pictures

List of clothing

Freya Lockhart's outfits

Imogen open collab magnet by imogenfullbusteroc-d7nkd47

Freya and Imogen

Frozen Love 1

Frozen Love

Freya Cover

Freya Lockhart Weekly Sorcerer Cover

Open collab kumi and your oc by murasaki kumiko-d7dee6e

Freya and Kumi

Freya and Taika

Freya and Taika


Freya Lockhart (1st concept art, colored)

Ruusarutobi korra collab by matt33oc-d7cdpmj

Korra and Freya running away from Blue Pegasus' Trimen

Freya chibi2

Chibi Freya made in Chibi Maker

Freya tournament outfit

Trial picture of Freya

Freya lockhart line art

Freya Lockhart (Concept Art; 1st outfit)


Unison Raid between Mimi Kuro and Freya


Freya and Taika

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