Backstory:Cassie was abandoned after being born with small wings and a strange eye and was raised by a dragon named relivena, she was happy and joyful but when relivena dissapers she changed...alot she looked for a few months but no luck so she gave up, she became a trouble maker and always had a upset look and you can never see her happy NEVER but the only thing that would cheer her up was her flying cat Daylight then one day she went broke and joined a guild called fairy tail where she meet lucy,natsu(um she became enemies with natsu),Wendy,and other dragonslayers.

Personality:She was sweet when she was young but now she's only a kid with a horrible aditude and mean to people (except her friends lucy,daylight,and Ersa)

Magic: her magic is being a nature dragon slayer(but doesnt use it often)

Age: 11

Likes:loves to sing and play with the animals

Dislikes:Being called Short

Flying Cat:Daylight


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