Fairy Tail Blood Fairy
Fairy Tail: Blood Fairy

Fairy Tail: Blood Fairy is an upcoming fan-fiction written by the users; Yface and DeanFungi. The Blood Fairy Arc is the first story arc of a series by the two authors, it takes place some were between the Macao arc in the anime/manga and the Tenrou Island arc and some points during X791.

It centers around the main characters; Avil Juxin, Alice Forester, Tye Elufic and Rei Araken. Featuring Major Character; Herily Juxin and one shot appearances by; Yoru Suta and Aisu Samui.

It follows the characters as they go on a S-Class Job to stop a now dark wizard. An Ex-Member of Fairy Tail, Rose Sumfin, The Blood Fairy.



Battles and Events



  • Rose Sumfin's name came about when the creators forgot the last name to the character, thus DeanFungi referred to the character as "Rose Something". This stuck and so her last name became "Sumfin".
  • Aisu Samui and Yoru Suta are DeanFungi and Yface's first OC's respectively and so wanted to include them at least once.
  • Tye Elufic and Rei Araken were originally two characters who had been cursed to be within the same body, but this was changed in a last minute change to make them their own characters.