Fairy Hills

フェアリー ヒルズ


Fearī Hiruzu

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Magnolia Town

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Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Fairy Hills (フェアリー ヒルズ Fearī Hiruzu) is Fairy Tail's female dormitory,[1] where most of the female guild members live.

Renting and Fees

The rent is 100,000 Jewel a month, but girls can have multiple rooms so the rent can increase from there. Discounts are not possible.[2]


The current owner of Fairy Hills is Ruchio, the father of the Fairy Tail Mage, Chico=C=Hammitt.[3] The former keeper of Fairy Hills was Hilda, who died six years prior to the current storyline, when she was on her way back from shopping in Shirotsume Town.[4] Duties of the matron have fallen on Erza Scarlet for the time being.[5]


Fairy Girls

Girls from Fairy Hills

Possible Occupants


Fairy Hills is located in Magnolia Town, topping a rocky, grassy a hill not far from Fairy Tail's headquarters. It is given access to by a large staircase following the hill's outer side.[2]

Exterior Design

Fairy Hill (look from above)

Fairy Hills - look from above

Fairy Hills is a large and mildly imposing building composed of bricks. It consists of a central, elongated section at whose sides sit two wings protruding outwards, with the one to the center's right acting as the main entrance, which takes the form of a double door with a pyramid-shaped upper part topped by a similarly pyramid-shaped roof, held up by wooden beams. Enforcing the multitude of standard bricks on the edges and marking rectangular sections in the central part are larger, lighter bricks lined up in vertical rows, with light beams instead marking sections horizontally. The front part of the building possesses a porch adorning the central part, with a steep tiled roof split in sections by beams being held up by simply wooden pillars paired with arcs. The two wings are each adorned by small numbers of large, arched windows, while the central section's windows are similar in design, but noticeably smaller and more numerous. Each section possesses an elongated, pitched roof composed of tiles; the wings, beneath such roof, have round windows adorning their top part. Sitting in front of the entrance, held up by two pillars composed of stone and bricks, flanking the pathway leading to the building, and each topped by the sculpture of a stylized Fairy Tail's symbol, is a large, mildly arched sign reading "Fairy Hills" in sober, elongated dark characters.[1]

Interior Design

As with any typical, expensive dormitory, it offers facilities for its tenants' convenience.


Lobby Anime

The lobby

The lobby sits right behind the main entrance. It is an elongated room which possesses wooden floor and ceiling, and its walls, enforced by beams, are composed of bricks in their lower part. To the entrance's right sits the wooden counter, complete with a flowerpot, a lamp and some stationery. Behind it, a door is visible, leading to an unknown room or a closet, and not far a small picture is secured to the wall, with a large door without shutters leading to an unspecified room to the right. In front of the counter is a carpet with intricately decorated edges, over which sits a short table with round edges, with its central part covered by a rhomboidal ornamental tablecloth. Flanking such table are a sofa and an armchair, complete with extra, small matching pillows. Behind the armchair, farther into the room, are small, elongated shelves housing book, topped by various objects, among which is a flowerpot, and a large window with double curtains faces outwards; adorning its inner ledge are a flowerpot, a cartoonish plushie or statue, and an elongated vase. The rest of the room seems to be pretty bare. A staircase is located on the other side of the lobby from the entrance, and at its left is a door. Lighting the room, which Lucy Heartfilia described as "beautiful", is a simple wooden chandelier.[6]


Fairy Hills' bathroom


Whilst each Fairy Hills' room comes with its own private bathroom, the dormitory has an open bath area nonetheless, where the girls can enjoy bathing with fellow tenants. Such room is shown to be majestic, with horizontal panels decorated by intricate motifs topping the various, rectangular mirrors lined up the walls of the section to the entrance's right, each possessing a basin and a matching, small decorative seat.[7] Such section has a tiled roof and bears a large, square-shaped and intricately decorated pillar on its left edge, holding up the ceiling. The room's left part is completely occupied by a very large, rectangular pool, full of water and of an incredible amount of lather, obscuring the former from sight. Such part is thought to bear resemblance to the outside world, as shown from its walls, on which a light sky adorned here and there by clouds is painted, and from a large, ornamental rocky formation occupying the pool's right part.[8]

Resource Room

Fairy Hills Library

The resource room

The dormitory's basement houses a resource room, which, despite not being as good as Fairy Tail's main one, is quite large and houses every current and previous tenant's record of work. Such room is highly decorative, with the ceiling protruding on the walls below in arched section, creating vaults, and the arched staircase leading down to the resource room being flanked by a balustrade which as a protruding, semicircular section, somehow reminiscent of a church's pulpit. Another staircase is visible on the other side of the room, leading down from a mezzanine held up by beams. The walls' upper part seems to be covered in lamps, while pictures are visible on the lower part of the wall flanking the arched staircase. Lined up against most walls are large shelves packed full of books, which can be consulted on the large, decorated table sitting in the center of the room, always covered in books and documents, and flanked by two sofas. A small piece of furniture again housing books is visible nearby.[8]


Every girl in dormitory has her own room with a private bathroom:[8]


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