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The Satellite Square: Etherion (衛星魔法陣・エーテリオン Eisei Mahōjin : Ēterion), best known as Etherion (エーテリオン Ēterion), is an extremely powerful Magic Weapon controlled by the Magic Council.[1]


Tower of Heaven arc

Stated to be a nation-destroying Magic that is capable of transcending space-time,[2] Siegrain tricks the Magic Council into firing Etherion at the Tower of Heaven (in order to gather the 2.7 billion Edeas of Magic Power required to activate the R-System[3]), by stating that Jellal plans to use the Tower of Heaven to resurrect Zeref.[4] After a session of re-voting, during which the Magic Council voted to use Etherion (much to Yajima's chagrin), the preparations to fire Etherion begin, which take one full hour.[5] It is fired after a group of Mages under the Council's control chant an incantation, ending with "We pray to the sacred light, Release Etherion!!", causing a series of glyph-like circles and squares to appear above the Tower of Heaven. Once the preparations are finished, a blinding beam of light is shot down, decimating all in its path until it hits the Lacrima crystals inside the Tower of Heaven,[6] which absorb its energy, successfully turning the Tower of Heaven into the R-System.[7] Natsu later eats the Etherion-infused Lacrima of the R-System, prompting him to enter Dragon Force.[8]


Etherion, once successfully prepared, fires an extremely large, destructive beam of Magic upon the desired location[6] (said Magic contains Fire Magic, among other elements[9]), that completely obliterates the target area, leaving only dust behind.[10]


  • Natsu Dragneel, a Dragon Slayer (who can restore his energy by eating his specific Element), was able to eat Etherion and enter the ultimate state a Dragon Slayer can attain: Dragon Force, even though Etherion is fused with Elements aside from fire.[8] The consumption of the other elements, however, left Natsu incapacitated for days.[11]
  • Etherion shares its name with the Ultimate Magic in Hiro Mashima's earlier work, Rave Master. It shares the same destructive capability as its namesake.


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