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Earth Land (アースランド Āsu Rando) is a world in the Fairy Tail Universe.[1]


Most of the known part of Earth Land is occupied by a very large peninsula, with some isles of different sizes being scattered in the sea surrounding it, and the peninsula itself being linked to the mainland, whose geography is mainly unknown.[2]

The territory seems to be split into several countries:

  • The Kingdom of Fiore, occupying a smaller, secondary peninsula sprouting from the main one, to the west. "Fiore" is Italian for "Flower".
  • The Principality of Veronica, a small country located in the mountains north to Fiore.
  • The country of Seven, occupying a peninsula northeast of Fiore.
  • The country of Bosco, located east of Fiore. It is Italian for "Wood".
  • The country of Iceberg, located to the east of Seven, northeast of Bosco, north of Joya, northwest of Bellum and west of the Pergrande Kingdom.
  • The country of Minstrel, located to the southeast of Fiore, separated from it by a large gulf with an island in its center.
  • The country of Midi, located on a small peninsula south of Mins.
  • The country of Desierto, a large region located east of Mins. "Desierto" is Spanish for "Desert".
  • The country of Joya, located north of Desierto. "Joya" is Spanish for "Jewel".
  • The country of Bellum, located east of Desierto, on the eastern shore of the large lake separating it from Desierto and Joya. Bellum is Latin for War.
  • The country of Sin, located on a peninsula in the southern part of the continent.
  • The island of Caelum, located in the sea not far from Minstrel's western shores. "Caelum" is Latin for Sky.
  • The island of Enca, located south of Sin.
  • The Pergrande Kingdom, the largest country, located in the easternmost part of the peninsula, linking it to the mainland. "Grande" is Italian, Spanish and Portuguese for "Big".
  • The Kingdom of Mare is a rich Island, located northerly from Fiore.


There is a variety of races inhabiting Earth Land:

  • Human: the main race in Earth Land.
  • Dragon: rare, large and immensely powerful reptilian creatures.[3] They are known to be very intelligent, and, in some cases, to appreciate humans, sometimes taking them under their protection and teaching them Dragon Slayer Magic.[4][5]
  • Exceed: anthropomorphous talking cats capable of sprouting wings and flying through the use of the Magic Aera. They hail from Edolas, a dimension parallel to Earth Land,[6] and they were all transported to the latter by interdimensional Anima gates.[7][8]
  • Vulcan: large creatures reminiscent of gorillas, with a massive horn topping their head, capable of understanding human language and speaking a rudimentary form of it.[9] They employ Take Over Magic to take the form of humans.[10] They are known to reside on Mt. Hakobe, in the Kingdom of Fiore.[11]
  • Winged Fish: a rare species of fish, gifted with wings which allow it to fly, and capable of breathing air.[12]
  • Wyvern: somewhat reminiscent of Dragons, these winged reptiles are much smaller and more beastly in nature.[13]
  • Goblin: funny little creatures reminiscent of otherworldly rodents, which are capable of wielding makeshift weapons.[13]
  • Giants: a race of a giant human-like beings that greatly overshadow humans in size.[14]
  • Celestial Spirits: are Magical beings from their own separate universe, the Celestial Spirit World.


Magic (魔法, Mahō) in Earth Land is located inside the body of living organisms.[15] In some races, Magic occurs in all individuals,[10] but only 10% of humankind uses it.[16] Magic can be divided into two main classifications:

  • Caster Magic (キャスターマジック Kyasutā Majikku): It is Magic which, as the name suggests, is generated and expelled from the caster's body, as opposed to Magic done through the use of a weapon or outside source.[17]
  • Holder Magic (ホルダーのマジック Horudā Majikku); It is Magic that requires a Mage to employ an external source to be produced.[17]


  • Bosco is first mentioned in Chapter 1 by Bora. Apparently there is a slave trade in this country.[18]
  • Most of the countries in Earth Land are randomly named. As such, Hiro Mashima has stated that he will try to avoid the story's progress to these countries.[2]


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