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"A dragon's whisper can be louder than it's roar"

— Guild Motto
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Dragon Whisper
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S-Class Mages

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Earth Land (Active)


Dragon Whisper from formed on the 7th of July X777 by Yashda Malrov who later turned out to be Shifuta the take-over Dragon in disquise after he died of illness. Up until X804 it was a very small guild with around 10 menbers, however Hikari Kora made it more famouse when he took out Yami Encrusted by himself making it a more well known guild.

Whilst still under Yashda's mastership a team from Dragon Whisper competed in the X808 New Grand Magic Games

In X817 under the third guild master, Miana, it went to war with Yami Encrusted and won.


Based in the small harbor town of Habia the first guild hall was built by the river. The building it self is built in a rich, reddish wood a companied by neat gray stone bricks, it has an oriental look. The area around the guild hall is filled with lush gardens kept by the members who aren't on jobs.

After the first guild hall was destroyed by Yami Encrusted in X817 a new one was built. It was designed in the same style except had 5 floors and on the roof a statue of a dragon about to take flight was placed.



  • Dragon Whisper is enemies with Yami Encrusted
  • All known S-Class mages from Dragon Whisper, except Aisu Samui, have been guild master at some point
Name Rank Year Joined Year Left
Yashda Malrov/ShifutaFirst Guild MasterX777X809
Miana TsumeThird Guild Master and S-Class MageX796X861
Aami MizuJoint second Guild Master And S-Class MageX799X848
Hikari KoraJoint Second Guild Master and S-Class MageX800X829
Nami KoraFourth Guild Master and S-Class MageX823N/A
Aisu SamuiS-Class MageX796N/A
Reina SamuiMageX796N/A
Random Members (Over 20 of them)Mage'sN/AN/A