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Darkness Dragon Slayer Magic (冥の滅竜魔法 Yami no Metsuryū Mahō) is a Caster Type Magic, Lost Magic, and a type of Dragon Slayer Magic related to darkness.


Being a Darkness Dragon Slayer, the user has the ability to eat and produce darkness from his body. Darkness Dragon Slayer Magic is good at both close range and mid range combat making it very deadly. Darkness incinerates anything it comes into contact eroding it, as well as implying gloom around the user. The darkness also also absorbs everything with its infinate gravity properties.

Soul revealed that darkness can be found in the hearts of others, and, because of that, he can consume the dark energies inside of others to increase his powers. However, those with a pure heart are immune to Soul's dark influence, even though according to him, there is no such thing as a "pure heart".


Soul's Basic Spells

Darkness Dragon's Roar (闇竜の咆哮 Yamiryū no Hōkō) Soul shoots out a large blast of darkness that incinerates anything it touches.

Darkness Dragon's Black Slash (闇竜の黒切り Yamiryū no Kokukiri) Soul envelops his hand in darkness and slashes at the enemy.

Darkness Dragon's Wing Attack (闇竜の翼撃 Yamiryū no Yokugeki) Soul covers both arms in darkness, he then rushes at the target and swings both hands at them, incinerating the target.

Darkness Dragon's Black Hole (闇竜のぶらくほる Yamiryū no Buraku Horu) Soul spreads his darkness over a large area and, much like an actual black hole, swallows up anything he chooses. When swallowed, the person or object is subjected to a large amount of gravity and crushed. This technique also allows Soul to absorb a person's magic therefore nullifying it.

Darkness Dragon's Liberation (闇竜のかいほ Yamiryū no Kaihō) Used following Black Hole. Soul expels all of the destroyed remains of what his darkness had swallowed up at once. This is especially good at demonstrating his power.

Soul's Advanced Spells

Drak Form

Dark Form

Darkness Dragon's Dark Shadow (闇竜の国営 Yamiryū no Kokuei) Similarly with Rogue's shadow drive, this form also gives Soul the ability to turn intangeble however this form requires that he merges extensively with Voltaris' Dragon heart which will in turn make him more like Voltaris (vicious and sadistic).