Darkness Devil Slayer Curse

闇滅悪魔 魔法


Yami no Metsuakuma Mahō


Caster Magic
Lost Magic
Devil Slayer Magic
Exorcist Magic


Rihan Kuroshiro

Darknesse Devil-Dragon Slayer Magic (闇滅悪魔 魔法 Yami no Metsuakuma Mahō)is a Lost Magic that Dragon Slayer Magic and Devil Slayer Magic united in one and a type of Slayer Magic that utilizes Darkness. 


Through the magic you can slay dragons and exorcise demons. It combines both types into one, but that is only possible through experiments. This Darknesse Slayer Magic allows the user to produce the element of Darkness for various purposes. The only users who can Rihan, can with these curses wither whole forests and break mountains. Furthermore, this kind granted by Devil-Dragon Slayer magic the user various properties, which is typical of a darkness Devil-Dragon Slayer: The lung is able to spit darkness to control darkness and use any form of darkness magic. This magic allows the user to exorcise demons with the element darkness. It is very similar to the Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic of Rogue Cheney.


Basic Spells

Darkness Devil-Dragon Roar - An attack that lets the user shoot darkness from their mouth at the enemy.

Claw of Darkness - The feets are wrapped with shade and allow the user to beat and scratch the opponent.

Thousand Darkness Beats the Agony - From above a hundred blows from the shadow to come on the enemy.

Darknesse Devil-Dragon's Slash - The user covers their arm in Darkness and then punches the target.

Darkness Devil-Dragon Strike - Beats enveloped in darkness.

Advanced Spells


Devil Bringer Twin Sword

Crimson Darkness Flame of the Demon God 
- A violet flame sets everything on fire.

Devil Bringer Twin Sword - Two swords which are covered with darkness, inflicting deep furrows and wounds.