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Small Bio: Hi I'm blaze dragneel I'm the son of natsu dragneel and lucy Heartfillia I have Three brothers named igneel, Nash, and Kyo dragneel and I have three sisters named sapphire,nashi and seako dragneel. When I was little I always looked up to Gajeel RedFox and uncle rai they both taught me dragon slayer magic and when I turn 14 Gajeel became my mentor and me and him went on a 4 year long journey and while I was gone Kyo got his demon arm and Igneel joined the fairytail guild so did Nash, sapphire, Nashi and seako I missed them so much and after the journey I returned and everyone was excited to see me. But I met a boy that is the same age as me his name is storm fullbuster we really hated eachother I remember when we keep calling each other names like ice princess and fire ball. But then rai left fairytail i didn't know where he went till erza told me to go on a undercover mission to take down the dark guild Avatar and I went on that mission until I found out rai is the guild master. I was surprised he told me to join him but I accepted his offer becuz I don't want to fight him cuz family is important to me. But my uncle betrayed me by summoning a demon in me called E.B.D and I have been doing evil deeds ever since. Days later I confronted Kyo and he defeated me and then the demon in me rested in me. I vowed that one day I will defeat uncle rai one day and ever since them I trained fought many evil faces and went on jobs with other powerful and kind wizards and fought dark guilds. I'm Blaze Dragneel and I'm a dragon slayer and this is my story

Blaze Dragneel
Kanji ブレイズDragneel
Rōmaji bureizu
Alias iron salamander,demon prince dragneel,E.B.D
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 18
Height 180m
Weight 80 kg
Birthday january 31
Hair Color red
Eye Color Brown
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Affiliation Fairy Tail
Previous Affiliation ???
Occupation Mage
Team team Blaze
Previous Team ???
Partner(s) Frost Shirayuki
Base of Operations Second Fairy Tail Building First Fairy Tail Building(former)
Personal Status
Status (active)
Relative(s) kyo/hell Dragneel (brother)

igneel dragneel (twin brother)

nashi dragneel (sister)

tohru dragneel (little sister)

nash dragneel (little brother)

seako dragneel/rosei (sister)

natsu dragneel (father)

lucy heartfillia (mother)

rai redfox (uncle)

lucy redfox (aunt)

night dragneel (uncle

tay dragneel (uncle)

killua dragneel (cousin)

sora Dragneel (cousin)

Magic fire Dragon slayer magic

iron dragon slayer magic

fire control magic

dragon force

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Blaze Dragon Force
Pissed off Blaze
Come at me bro
Blaze Dragneel
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