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The Black Diamond (黒ダイヤ, Kurokongōseki) was a secret Dark Guild comprised of incredibly powerful mages.


Black Diamond is a underground organization. They have discovered a Virus, with which they want to create the most powerful magician in the world. The Virus has worked for many trials. Many strong mages are arose. Unfortunately, it's difficult to control because the test objects become more animals than people. Ultimately you had to kill them.

Location and Buildings

Black Diamond has a small nondescript building in a remote area. A sign above the door says "Science of Magic". Since there are many such laboratories, none thought something. But Black Diamond has a complicated tunnel system. In this system, they keep the test objects caught.


Black Diamond is not the typical strong dark guild, they have only five mages. These are not weak. Therefore, they act in the underground. Their true strength lies in their intellegenz by the scientists.


The guild was founded by someone named Lion Nemesis. He is a magician and also the strongest. His goal was to rule the world from the beginning. But he did not manage to defeat one time the most powerful magician in his village. So he teamed up with some friends and founded Black Diamond. To show the idea to people how dangerous mages were, came from his best friend Mino. So they used the majority of the population to destroy the smaller part. They kidnapped the children, since they can not really control her magic mostly. They tortured them so that they defended themselves by magic. With a recording lacrima, they took on this defense and showed only these scenes the people. But some "objects" proved useless and were locked up in the basement. There they would simply starve or die of thirst. With luck, further experiments were tried on them, so they were further nurtured. But mostly the children died.


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Name Rank Team Status
Lion NemesisGuild MasterNoneDeceased
MedusaS-Class MageNoneLeft Guild
Scientists 1ScientistsNoneDeceased
Scientists 2ScientistsNoneActive
Scientists 3ScientistsNoneActive
Scientists 4ScientistsNoneActive



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