Female Female






107 lbs


August 7 X772

Hair Color

Black with pink

Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Fairy Tail symbol Fairy Tail

Previous Affiliation

NightMare Massacre(A fan made guild)

Guild Mark Location






Previous Team




Previous Partner(s)


Base of Operations

Second Fairy Tail Building

Personal Status



-Lee(Sister, Alive~ but not real, Apple made her with her magic)

-Mark(Dad, deceased)

-J(Mother, Alive and evil)


A evil type of Shadow magic(unknow magic)


The "NC.S.S" (Nunchuck+Shooter+Staff(Dumb name i know)) that she can requip


-Black and pink hair

-leather dark purple top

-Black short skirt

-Lip ring

  • Apple with her new out fitGo to Pic on my dA
  • Apple sad and pissedGo to on my dA
  • Apple if she was in a dark guildGo to on my dA

  -Eye brow ring(sometimes) -Full arm glove on right arm/hand

-Hand glove on left hand

-black boots

-designed tights


-Doesn't talk much(But she can)

-A bit goth

-Cries when she doesn't feel good.


Age 3: One day a young girl's left eye started to turn purple, but it had stars(galaxy). Her parents knew it must of been magic doing that to her, but they had no clue what magic it could be. Her parents had to find a great and smart wizard to find out what it was. So they found a wizard and all they knew was something t do with the shadow Of The Galaxy. But this magic was never know of, it was not lostmagic, but unknown magic.

Age 4: Informed to keep her away from the outside world

Age 5: The girls magic was out of control, she couldn't sleep, eat, and couldn't even cry. That year her parents got divorced, her mom left leaving her dad to keep her safe

Age 6: Magic was really out of control, her dad and his friends did all they did to help her but they couldn't. so one day shadows surrounded(her magic) her, he shadows killed her dad and his friends. But with he dad laying on the ground he had some life left, so with his last breath he put illusion magic over her eye and made it the same colour as her real eye colour.

Age 7: The girl was always alone, stealing others people's stuff to stay alive. But she wanted family, so she researched up lost magic that could make a fake life but real person, but the only way to do that is kill many others and she wouldn't do it. She cried and cried then the magic that she didn't see for a year came back and surrounded her, darkness filled the sky and she pasted out. The girl woke up with a girl with purple hair and was only about a year younger then her poking her with a stick. The purple haired girl started to say "Wake up.. i don't remember anything but i woke up beside you.. can you help me?" The girl with the shadow magic had no clue what happened but then she realized, that this girl, is what her magic made, so she lied, "You have amnesia, I'm your sister" The girl with the shadow magic started to make up fake names for a fake life "and my name is is Apple Sevna, your Le Sevna, And we are looking for a magic guild... Umm, FairyTail is the place where our dad went to, and also you use Card magic.. and i use IceMake.." So the girls went to find the guild and Apple learned IceMake.

Age 11: Lucy first meats Apple

Age 12: Apple tries to get in the S class trials but doesn't make it. Illusion magic on eye goes away.

Age 14: Finds mage to put illusion magic back on eye

Age 16: The people who went to the S class trail have been gone for 4 years, Apple gets bored and starts hurting people in FairyTail, Apple gets kicked out, Le comes with her and they go to a guild Nightmare-Massacre.

Age 19(now): Apple hears the people who went on S class trail come back to fairytail, fairytail wants her back, Before leaving, a person from Nightmare-Massacre finds out who she is and that her magic is evil and her name is "Anna Secku". Le now knows that she is fake so she doesn't go back to fairytail with her "sister". Apple is in FairyTail with every one knowing who she is. Illusion magic on eye goes away Write the second section of your page here.

Magic and Abilities

-Ice make

-Shadow magic




-All dragon slayers

-Being called her real name

-being asked about her past


  • look at History*


Offense: 4/5

Defense: 5/5

Speed: 8/5 (yes, she is really fast :P )

Intelligence: 3/5

ShadowMimic: 9/10

ShadowDeamon: 10/10

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